Precision and attention to detail

La Gourmandine is known for its array of finely baked breakfast pastries known as “Viennoiserie.” The success behind the making is precision and attention to detail.

One of La Gourmandine’s signature items is the famous “croissant aux amandes,” a butter croissant soaked in syrup and filled with homemade almond cream.

Please allow 72 hours for orders. Please be aware most pastries contain nuts and all of our baked goods are made on shared equipment.


Buttery flaky pastry, named for its distinctive crescent shape

Croissant aux amandes

A Croissant filled with almond cream and sprinkled almonds

Pain au chocolat ou Chocolatine

Flaky pastry with chocolate barres

Pain aux raisins

Flaky pastry with raisins and pastry cream 


A puff pastry or choux dough sprinkled with sugar

Brioche Bostock

Sweet bread dipped in syrup, filled with raspberry jam and almond cream

Panier Framboise

Buttery flaky pastry with crème brûlée and fresh raspberries

 Roulé à la cannelle

Flaky brioche with cinnamon butter


Flaky dough filled with pastry cream and topped with apricots

La Gourmandise

Flaky dough filled with vanilla pastry cream and chocolate chips


Sweet bread loaf


Puff pastry coated with sugar (Elephant’s ears)