Who We Are

Fabien and Lisanne Moreau were both born and raised in France.

They both grew up in families where sitting at the table to share a family meal is of the utmost importance. To quote Fabien, “there was always a bottle of wine and some fresh bread on the table and it hasn’t changed!”

Both their parents grew up in the French countryside except for Lisanne’s mom who is from Pittsburgh. Lisanne has been coming to the Steel City to visit her Grandparents, family and friends since she was a baby. So when she decided to move to the United States it made sense that she would go to Pittsburgh.

Fabien agreed to follow his wife with plans of opening his own business. He didn’t speak English when he arrived so he started working as a line cook. He worked in some of the city’s best restaurants.

Fabien studied at the famous Lenôtre Culinary Institute in Paris where he learned the techniques for baking.

In June 2010, La Gourmandine bakery and pastry shop opened in Lawrenceville.

Four years later, in October 2014, Lisanne and Fabien opened their second shop in Mt. Lebanon.

My first thought was to open a French restaurant but I realized that there weren’t any traditional French Bakeries in Pittsburgh and I love baking.

– Fabien Moreau