La Gourmandine listed in Pittsburgh Magazine as a favorite bakery destination

Creme de la Creme

From Pittsburgh Magazine:

A perfect miniature lemon tart with crispy sable dough; divinely flaky croissants; sweet and tender madeleine cookies; the city’s best sweet baguette. These are just a few of the joys of this authentic French bakery owned by pastry chef Fabien Moreau (see profile, below). Among the bakery’s many taste-as-good-as-they-look desserts: Stunning opera cake layered with chocolate cocoa mousse, coffee pastry cream, and three layers of almond sponge cake, and religieuses, essentially a double-stack of gloriously light cream puffs filled with vanilla or chocolate custard and topped with white fondant. Yet for all its glorious French-ness, there is nothing fancy or pretentious here—just a neighborhood bakery anyone would be lucky to live close to.

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