Your Summer Dessert Guide…A Getaway to France for Your Tastebuds!

Summer is the season for adventure, it’s all about celebrating exciting moments with the people you love, and…of course the delicious treats that satisfy your sweet tooth!

This season, Fabien has created original desserts based on his traditional hometown boulangerie and has also brought back some of your favorite pastries to the menu! Come to La Gourmandine for a little getaway to France!

Fruit tart

If you have ever been to Paris, chances are those stunning jewel-colored fruit tarts displayed in the windows of every patisserie (aka French pastry shops) caught your eye.

Fresh, colorful, and bursting with juicy fruit, rich pastry cream, a deliciously sweet pastry crust, and an easy fruit tart glaze, this French fruit tart makes a showstopper dessert that is perfect for Spring & Summer!

Cake Pistache – Cerise

Two amazing tastes blend into one with Lisa’s (head pastry chef) new pistachio pound cake with amarene cherries. All of those bright green pistachios have me not only dreaming of Spring, but feeling excited about the holidays and good times that come with those warm, breezy days…

Panna Cotta

Translated as “cooked cream”, panna cotta is one of the most indulgent delights of traditional Italian cuisine. This season, La Gourmandine offers its own delicious version of Panna Cotta featuring a delicate lemon flavor and an elegant presentation that make it a delight for both the palate and the eyes.



In France, macarons are viewed as an artistic canvas as well as a cookie, with creative bakers churning out these jewel-like confections in flavors. This year Steven (sous chef) came up with a new one for the first time! Baked with cocoa powder and filled with chocolate cremeux this pastry is a chocolate explosion

Tarte au citron

To satisfy your craving for a summer fruity taste, we also have our traditional French-style lemon tart with creamy, dreamy lemon curd filling, that tastes just like the ones in Paris. Fragrant lemons make for a zesty tart – an unforgettable dessert for the season!

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