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About Us

A little taste of France in Pittsburgh.

France is known for many things but most of all for its food.

In French, “Gourmand” means someone who likes to eat and loves good food.

Our creations reflect the traditions and elegance of French baked goods, ensuring that La Gourmandine provides the finest goods to our hometown of Pittsburgh.


Authenticity. Simplicity. Passion.

When deciding to open La Gourmandine, we had a few goals in mind: Authenticity, simplicity, and passion. We wanted to evoke the feeling and ambiance of a traditional “Boulangerie” that you would find while traveling all over France. Our cooking style would be simple as we would use only the most natural and freshest ingredients. Our baked goods would be hand-crafted and made from scratch using the techniques that Fabien learned while studying in France. We have the passion and desire to favor quality over quantity and always respect the traditions that were passed down to us.

Come in and enjoy a true French experience.


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